MGS V: The Phantom Pain review: The Best Ending Hideo Kojima’s “Biggest Failure” Could Have Had | WP

WP: “It doesn’t feel like this is over,” Big Boss says at one point in the game, “and I’ll never be whole again.” This kind of tortured melodrama feels like the best possible ending for Kojima’s biggest failure. No matter how exciting, offensive, or incoherent some of his turns have been, there has always been something beautifully true to life in his willingness to try. SPOILERS AHEAD.

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kingdomtriggers1119d ago

Super condescending and melodramatic review. The irony...

user816731119d ago

Quiet really make me dreaming over her. =)

user816731119d ago

you can disagree, but she does..

Kratos02891119d ago

WARNING!!! this review contains major spoilers do not read

LightofDarkness1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

I'm pretty sure Konami had a big embargo with regards story details/unseen footage that extends well into next month. For shame, Washington Post.

Summons751119d ago

Yeah, well that's like expecting stores to respect a street date...there will also be some idiot who can't respect anything.

trenso11119d ago

Yea as soon as i was about to i just scrolled down caught a sniff but didnt let my self read to much.

FunkMacNasty1119d ago

I wouldn't say there are spoilers in the review. Only thing it talks about is an explanation of the plot to the game. And it also explains how Kojima uses an aspect of that plot to justify Quiet's apparent lack of clothing on the battlefield.

I would say it's safe to read. After all it's Kojima's Metal Gear World: you know there will be plenty of plot twists and character alliances that we hadn't expected!

guyman1119d ago

"Kojima's biggest failure"

*Looks at metascore and reviews that actually have credibility and laughs*

Tiqila1119d ago

Kojima himself said that the Metal Gear series was "his biggest failure and his biggest success" or something similar.

That's why the title quotes the metal gear series (not specifically MGS 5) as Kojimas "biggest failure".

guyman1119d ago

Ah makes sense in that case.

trenso11119d ago

Down voting this site for putting spoilers in their article

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