The Games of September: The Taken King, Metal Gear Solid, and More

The Taken King, Metal Gear Solid, FIFA 16, Mad Max, and more. This is what you will be playing in September.

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corroios1207d ago

Its an amazing month. I need money. right now, lol.

Aceman181207d ago

I'm buying MGS5, Tearaway, taken king. I'm 50/50 on Mario maker right not.

corroios1207d ago

Metal Gear (X), Zombie King (X) and Taken King (x), but if could i think i would buy almost every game there. lol.

sactownlawyer9161207d ago

If you can get a gamefly account to rent games or use redbox. Saves alot of money on games you want to play but not necessarily buy.

corroios1207d ago

Yeah, you re right. Or from a friend. Need to save money. lol.

ironcrow23861207d ago

Im surprised theres no mad max review yet as its released same day as mgs

MasterD9191207d ago

It's a shame Mad Max couldn't have released in July or August (when there was a gaming drought). Now it's going head-to-head with MGS and frankly, I can't pass up MGS despite how enjoyable Mad Max looks.

ironcrow23861207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Then it.d gone head to head with arkham so its lose lose really :/

Relientk771207d ago

I'm waiting for reviews on Mad Max and I want Tearaway

ninsigma1207d ago

Great month for games! Destiny all the way for me though. It's all I need for now :D

FunkyGoron1207d ago

I am going to have to give props to Best Buy for months like these. I paid 30 bucks this year for a 2-year membership to their gaming program and it’s awesome… 20% off all new games regardless of list price. They have cornered my entire business for new game purchasing.

With MGS5, Tearaway, and Mario Maker… I’ll get them for $48 and $32 respectively. Can’t beat that. $128 for all 3 instead of $160. Basically buy two and get Tearaway free.