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For as much as I love the Dreamcast, I have learned to accept the console's many faults. It was good at so many things, but lousy when it came to traditional role-playing games. Your options boiled down to a few forgettable third-tier adventure games and two exciting Phantasy Star Online entries that ditched turn-based tactics for fast-paced action. If you were a Sega fan in 2000, you really only had two viable RPG choices -- the brilliant Skies of Arcadia and Game Arts' Grandia II.

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hades071123d ago

One of my fav games and RPGs on the Dreamcast. One of the few I actually finished twice. Really don't know how it compares to today's games but I hope it gets ported as a digital download for PS4/XB1

kalkano1123d ago

Blows today's games out of the water.

freshslicepizza1123d ago

say what you want about preferring physical games, digital can bring back old titles and allow for easy distribution.

josephayal1123d ago

cant wait for the Console version

kalkano1123d ago

Don't care about ports. I already own this. Give me Grandia 4!

greenmiker1122d ago

I will play again that game, its awesome!