Konami's Sr. Producer Confused About Early MGS V: TPP Copies; Early Streams To Be Shot Down

Konami's senior producer Ken-ichiro Imaizumi seems confused on how people have gotten their hands on early copies of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. According to the senior producer early streams from the game will be shot down by Konami.

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DJustinUNCHAIND1204d ago

Shooting them down seems a bit excessive.

VER1ON1204d ago

Not literally of course :) Streams will be taken down though.

Septic1204d ago

Standard practice really before anyone launches further fatwahs against Konami lol.

This is one game I do not want to be spoiled for me.

Summons751204d ago

Sadly they are very slow to come down. Last night I saw (didn't watch) 2 on for hours and today there is nearly 6 times the amount...Twitch doesn't seem to care no matter how many people report them. Real shame.

Revolver_X_1204d ago

With a 95 on Metacritic, just let people watch it if they want. It's not like the game sucks. And according to reviewers, cut-scenes are far and few between.

Bennibop1204d ago

I received my copy this morning (UK) guess I wont be streaming it!

DemonChicken1204d ago

GAME has also shipped my copy (Collectors edition)

I hope to get this ready for the bank holiday weekend!


Bennibop1204d ago

You really should be hyped the game is amazing! I did not enjoy Ground Zeroes as much as previous entries in the series but I honestly think this is the best one yet.

WitWolfy1204d ago

So I guess I'll be avoiding Youtube for a while...

gamer78041204d ago

I guess people just really love Hideo Kojima Production's games Konami.

Gasian1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

It is not that.

The reason they are shooting down the streams is to avoid spoilers. Konami is just following what, as Septic said, is "standard practice" for many gaming companies in general.

I believe what Mr. Imaizumi says is correct that people have been waiting a long time to play this game and is not gonna be ruined by people who want to stream a game they got earlier; ruining it for someone like me who don't want to be spoiled.

This is the internet btw. Spoilers spread like wildfire. I don't want to be checking Twitter to see someone spoiling something I love ,because they saw a spoiler from someone who was streaming the game cause they got it early. That is just unfair you know.

Sorry for overexplaining things, but that is just my feelings on it.

gamer78041204d ago

i was just making a joke on the removal of his name from all marketing materials and box art.

jetlian1204d ago

Sounds stupid to me!!! If you dont want to be spoiled stay off the stream and anything mgs5 related!!

Common sense isnt common anymore since the internet

Gasian1204d ago

Sorry @gamer7804 guess I totally misread your comment.

Summons751204d ago

How are you confused? It's the most anticipated game of the year alongside Fallout 4, you guys sent it to the store a week early. Even though employees know they can get fired or the store in trouble, there are still people that will take the game home early or sell it despite knowing there is a street date. It's not rocket science

FBNS1204d ago

If you don't watch it, you can't spoil it. Someone got the game early... Cool. Now who's pointing the gun to your head and forcing you to watch their stream? No one you say? Well, that would be correct.

Tony-Red-Grave1204d ago

I don't think you realize the full extent to which information spreads in any form of media, especially on the internet. You could be doi g your best not to get spoiled and accidentally find spoilers anywhere.

1204d ago
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