Get Your Craft on with New Nintendo Patterns from Jo-Ann Fabrics

Twinfinite says, "Have you always wanted to make a baby blanket covered in Pokéballs? How about a quilt featuring squares from Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and Majora’s Mask? Well now all of your Nintendo-related crafty dreams can come true, thanks to Jo-Ann Fabrics."

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GigawattConduit1207d ago

This is gonna be perfect for people who wanna do low-scale cosplays.

ifinitygamer1207d ago

This is perfect for Nintendo fans. Create your own Zelda pillow, or Mario blanket, baby items, etc.
I don't know if I'll be able to resist all these!

Zotaku871207d ago

I've got my first baby on the way, and definitely see some Nintendo baby blankets in my near future.

rdgneoz31207d ago

My GF goes there every so often and they have some nice sports/cartoon/movie character stuff. She made me a nice pats rice heating bag and is making me a few things with some Jack Skeleton fabric. Now to convince her to try out some Mario projects...

wonderfulmonkeyman1207d ago

My ex will love this. Now the only question is, does this store chain exist in California, and if not, can you order online.

yeahright21207d ago

I would say my wife will love this, but really I want a Mario pillow. She loves making that kind of stuff for the kids, so I'm sure they'll get a blanket or two out of the deal.