Sony Investigating Until Dawn PlayStation 4 Issues

Sony have confirmed that they are working on some issues affecting PlayStation 4 players who have not been able to start Until Dawn.

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smashman981211d ago

sounds like only people who downloaded the game

robtion1211d ago

One of the reasons I prefer physical if given the choice.

Blaze9291211d ago

I pre-ordered and did not get the exclusive chapter. Anyone know where I'm supposed to find/receive that from?

Kratos0Ultra1211d ago

if from gamestop it should be on the receipt. I'm not sure about other retailers. Amazon I think e-mails you the code if I recall correctly.

Blaze9291211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

@Kratos0Ultra I pre-ordered directly from the PlayStation store....*sigh* i guess I'll have to call them or something.

kaizokuspy1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

It's under bonus content. It's also another download. Hope that helps bud. Just looked again, I was wrong. Sorry man, I bought it too digitally. While looking at my add on the dlc digitally says pre order still. I don't think they took the lock off day 1 dlc.

Theantidote6191210d ago

I rented the game and the physical version 3 separate times I had to restart when you get to the first yellow totem with Sam. It wouldn't let me view the premonition and I couldn't back out. I'm on the last chapter now. Games so good which I really wasn't expecting.

kaizokuspy1210d ago

I have the problem too. Quick solution is to put the totem down, walk away from it and try again. It should work the second time. I've only had 1 instance of having to back away a third time then pick it up.

kaizokuspy1210d ago

I have it digitally and it works fine. Bet it's because those users haven't installed the latest firmware update for ps4 as it isn't mandatory. I had a similar issue getting cod bops 3 beta to work. That was my issue at least

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Kiwi661211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I'm just curious but why do you need to see the comments when sony themselves have confirmed its an issue and they even provided a work around or don't you believe it did happen

MysticStrummer1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

There's a perfect score review for this game that's been on N4G twice as long as this article and has the same number of comments, so I'm not sure what the point of your question is.

You waited 8 whole minutes to wonder about the number of comments… lol

Edit - Actually this has more comments than that perfect review.

suicidalblues1211d ago

I've been trying to find out how the dlc is accessed. My code went through but it doesn't show that I downloaded anything.

Awesome game, btw. The wife screamed and through the controller, almost killed the ceiling fan.

_-EDMIX-_1211d ago

Agreed. Played bit of it last night and its really good. I'm impressed at this team.

Supermassive need to just do this as a series! I want a new location, more victims etc lol

Chaosdreams1211d ago

I had that exact same thought! I was like "Until Dawn 2?" I fell in love the moment the game booted up. It's amazing. I've laughed so many times at the sarcasm and wit. Feels real to me (especially when I think back to how I acted a few years ago.)

_-EDMIX-_1210d ago

Whats amazing about it, is that is pretty much movie quality writing (legit) if not better with never turn back choices that made The Walker Dead such an amazing game series. Most games don't give you that no look back drastic choice, most give you very superficial choices (cough Mass Effect)

Anomander1211d ago

Downloading now. Pretty bummed the PS4 does not utilize more of my internet download speed so I can start playing it faster. Looking forward to turning out the lights and scaring the crap out of me tonight!

evilbart1210d ago

I find if I pause the download and restart it 2 or 3 times the speed increases dramatically,I've had 5 hour downloads jump to 25 minutes,I know it's sound weird but try it

kaizokuspy1210d ago

What evil Bart says is what I do and it works. If you want a speedy download out the gate, the fastest way is to let your download continue while your system is in rest mode.

Scottyxboxoneandps41210d ago

At times downloads on ps4 go at a snails pace for me. But for some reason if I check internet connection through the ps4 settings while I'm downloading it will speed it right up again. It's a pain cos I have to keep checking the download, I noticed it with the black ops 3 beta it said 8 hours left and I had already left it downloading all night so I checked the connection and it finished in about 20 mins weird!!
OT It sucks they can't play hope Sony sort a fix out soon.

zpoc1211d ago

I'm having the same issue with the DLC chapter. Something weird going on with it.

Kratos0Ultra1211d ago

it should be under your game library. I checked and saw it there after I downloaded it.

DaReapa1210d ago


I don't think it's any more of a download than it is an "unlock". I redeemed the code and saw no prompts nor an indication of a download. But yet when I go to the game file, it shows the DLC as installed.

kaizokuspy1210d ago

Same here. When I look closer it still says preorder on it :/

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OhMyGandhi1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

anybody else have a sony gold headset with the Until Dawn preset loaded? It has a white noise effect nearer the lower tones, almost like a blown out speaker, but when I change the preset to anything else, the bass works perfectly fine...

So far, I am really enjoying the game. It's about time we got "Cabin in the Woods" in videogame form. I like that besides doing the whole "choose your own adventure" style format, the production values are ridiculously good...I've only put in about 3 hours or so, but this game is a ton of fun, and I recommend to anyone who wants to live out the best, campiest horror movie fantasy.

audiocafe1211d ago

I want to play this, eventually. Unfortunately I don't think the experience will be worth $60 for me so I'll wait until the price drops or just end up renting it

Ashunderfire861210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

It's worth the $60 bucks your first playthrough is literally 9 hours alone! I was very honest and charitable to the characters, but many died and only 2 survive during my playthrough. I'm ready to try to save them all! Then kill them all off, and there is so many ways to do it too. Imagine playing the game 9 hours 2 more times with no game over as it just keep going no matter who live or die. For replay value like that it's worth $60 bucks. Heck it's worth more than The Darkness 2 Which was 4 hours campaign and 2 hours coop. Only 6 hours total with no replay value like this game. The concept in this game can be used for a SAW interactive movie game!

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