Metal Gear 101: What New Players Should Know Before Playing The Phantom Pain


The Metal Gear series has been around since 1987, and it’s been telling one long story the whole time. That’s great for longtime fans who got in on the ground floor, but someone who has never played Metal Gear might get overwhelmed by the saga’s complex history. If you want to play The Phantom Pain, but don’t know much about Metal Gear lore, this (relatively) compact and digestible guide will teach you the basics.

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Hellsvacancy1209d ago

I've got Ground Zeroes installed on my PS4, has been for ages, but i've yet to play it

Sorry to sound dumb but do I need to play it before playing the Phantom Pain? is GZ in TPP?


Turkeyman071209d ago

Play Ground Zeroes first.

Hellsvacancy1209d ago

So they're seperate games...

I'll probably play GZ later after work.

Thanks for the replies

+1 to you both

MasterD9191209d ago

You can beat GZ in literally an hour. Maybe 2 with all the side ops.

You don't need to play through it all, but if you can salvage a few of the prisoners & agents, I believe you get a mother-base bonus in TPP but I may be mistaken.

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philm871209d ago

I'm sure I get confused as much as the next guy about the MGS story, but I've got my head around it a little more with the help of articles like this and youtube vids.

Is the paragraph on Psycho Mantis suggesting that one of the young characters in Phantom Pain grows up to become Psycho Mantis?