Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break’s Screenshots Show Advanced Lighting and Comparisons

At Siggraph 2015, Remedy Entertainment's Ari Silvennoinen and Ville Timonen hosted a speech titled "Multi-Scale Global Illumination in Quantum Break," shedding some light on the advanced techniques used in the upcoming Xbox One exclusive's lighting.

The presentation slides were chock full of interesting pictures and comparisons between the various effects and their intermediate stages.

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raggy-rocket1210d ago

The game just looks beautiful

Sonital1210d ago

Yet we argue over resolutions.. /s

Mkai281210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

You know, Brad Wardell said that what will make a game more real is lighting. Games now use 4 to 8 light sources. DX12 will allow infinite light sources, this is how you will get "avatar like graphics". But is this game built with Dx12 in mind, it has been pushed back and certain things have been changed.changed in so much that It's as if they remade the whole game engine.

freshslicepizza1210d ago

good to see an upgrade after all the controversy of downgrades (such as watchdogs).

LifeInNZ1210d ago

Looks great. Definitely love when developers discuss these sorts of things. We take so much for granted in terms of what goes on to ready a game for release.

marioJP871210d ago

Another developer in the gaming industry worth showing respect. Can't wait to buy this.

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