Chaos and Contempt at Comcept

After the mess of miscommunication that was the Red Ash Kickstarter, you'd think Keiji Inafune's development studio Comcept would have learned a thing or two about respecting its fans. But no. Tight-lipped for weeks now on the rumours concerning delays to its first Kickstarter project, Mighty No. 9, the company has finally come out and confirmed that the Mega Man-inspired title will not see the light of day until sometime during the first quarter of 2016.

With Mighty No. 9 delayed for a second time, can fans ever have faith in Comcept again?

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SlappingOysters1204d ago

This whole situation is getting ridiculous. They need to provide some clarity and quick, too.

Macka10801204d ago

You have to wonder whether they realise the damage they are doing to their reputation. Fans aren't as forgiving as big publishers.

DiscoKid1204d ago

Make a more promising game, and people will be frustrated less.

shipnabottle1204d ago

Yeah this is one crazy sideshow. Weird how some things are so painfully obvious from the outside looking in but the suits looking out of the fish bowl seem to be completely out of water and don't event know it.