VGS Review: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition – A Nearly Broken Experience

A word that fans constantly heard being reiterated prior to the release of the game was painstakingly, a term that is not meant to be taken lightly in the slightest. It implies that a ridiculous amount of care, diligence and effort were invested into creating something that is on the verge of utter perfection, quite the bold statement as you can imagine. Anyone who plays this game will come to the almost immediate realization that those principles were not followed through with in many areas; the word was merely used as a marketing ploy, tantamount to an empty expression. Now with that being said, this new installment in the Gears franchise did have its fair share of pros mind you, but they were unequivocally outweighed by its larger amount of cons.

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Rimeskeem1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

It appears that the biggest problem with the game is the AI.

Im still gonna play it at some point though

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conanlifts1204d ago

Not sure why this is getting low scores, but the remaster is amazing. Im halfway through the game with no major issues. The only issue i did have was with the berserker at the end of act 1. My AI partner kept standing still and was killed about 8 times before i could complete it. But otherwise the game is amazing. Its gears and looks better. The low scores make no sense at all.

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1204d ago

Remastered textures, all CGI cutscenes, every aspect of the game, including the multiplayer? BRUH please.... why dont you go read the articles about the Uncharted Lazy remaster, that doesn't include any multiplayer. God knows those games were boring... now be bored in HD OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYER!

ninsigma1204d ago

Uncharted are amazing games but that's completely off topic. All rime said was from reading reviews is that Ai seems to be lacking and you went on a big off topic rage attack! Chill out. I've heard the same thing from a few places. It's probably just the same ai from the oringuinal game. It's still an awesome remaster and no one is doubting that (except maybe this reviewer but even though I haven't played the game yet I'm sure it's way better than a stupid 6.5).

There's just no need for the antagonism.

forsaken13041204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Wow some people all they can do is start a fight.I will say uncharted is amazing without the multi-player. And they are making changes to gameplay they already said they are including some features from uncharted 3 into the other games I would not consider it lazy.I know everyone has an opinion but to say the games are boring is a stretch they are some of the best examples of storytelling I'm going to take a guess you never played them. And yes the uncharted games are meant to be offline single player games not sure how that is an insult not every game has to be online gears always had good stories and a heavy online aspect much like halo so you can't compare uncharted to them.i don't see why people can't give credit where it is due and also acknowledge that not everything on their system of choice is perfect. But sometimes it's hard for other people to see outside of their console biasness I guess

zidane13411204d ago

I'm mostly a Xbox guy but even I know that uncharted was FAR from boring. Your exaggerations are pretty unjust

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1203d ago

You done't have to agree, this isn't a communist website. (I dont think?) But to me, the games were boring copies of Tomb Raider. Plain and Simple

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Cyfyxtfg1205d ago

I love the game so far 😊

Scottyxboxoneandps41205d ago

The game is awesome pal. It always has been. A real great classic!!!

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iliimaster1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

well from my take this game is not really close to gears 1 multiplayer its slow and sticky, the wall bounce is horrible just feels real clunky like dedicated servers don't matter... should be running smooth and without getting stuck on walls im about 3 hours into the multiplayer, it just kinda feels like gears 3 multiplayer

Sm00thop1205d ago

Don't know what you've been playing because the multiplayer has been fine, much better than the original.

StrayaKNT1205d ago

Been playing the same game dude lol? Multiplayer is total brilliance, you need skill but. It's not a cod or battlefield type game where even a beginner can do well.

Masterchief_thegoat1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

the best thing about gear is multiplayer, I don't need to play story play & beat it. I just get the ue for online... I give gear of war ue a solid 9.

DragonKing811204d ago

I never thought Gears single player was that great. I agree the multiplayer is what makes this game fun

WellyUK1204d ago

why are people disagreeing? Gears remaster is made for the MP people who loved the first one. People who buy it for the SP are not fans of Gears 1. As a MP game it's one of the best ones on console which actually has a skill gap.

Scottyxboxoneandps41205d ago

I would suggest you go back and try the original then try the remake. The difference is pretty big with the jump to 60fps. I thought the beta was a lot better than the old gears and I'm a gears 1 veteran!!!

iliimaster1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

i have over 80,000 kills in the first one(all ranked no player match) i kinda know what im talkin about? lol all time warzone 87 before i stopped playing 17rounds raven down 1 minuet round duration is where i dominated but like i said this one is not as fast as gears 1 orig.

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JeffGUNZ1204d ago

What? I actually played the BC of Gears 1 this past month when they made it BC and the original gears was much slower then this. They did speed it up and the wall-sticking has been improved drastically. I still wish they switched to barrel aim instead of center screen aim, that is annoying.

Scottyxboxoneandps41202d ago

I don't think you know as much as you make out. Gears 1 was always a bit stickier than gears 2 or 3, when it came to wall bouncing as for the speed it's actually faster in the remake not sure what you have been playing. If you are sticking to walls more than you think you should it's probably your connection although last night when I played it it had a message saying they were doing something to the servers so you might have some issues I never had any though. It's been smooth as butter for me.

iliimaster1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

right now im all time ranked 2v2 shotgun execution 25 all time, it was a litle sticky but the speed and the movement made up for it, frag tagging is a perfect example in the original you could dominate with that style, i still say its slow and clunky, and whats up with the inconsistent damage from the shotgun? people r using em like snipers in 2v2.. i remember when 30 kills got you 1,000 points, this one? 3 kills + some damage poins is 1,000

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shloobmm31205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Nearly broken? I haven't had any issues at all so far. To me it feels just like Gears 1 only running at 60fps.

Skate-AK1205d ago

The technical issues are only during single player. If you have been playing single player and still have no issues that's good. The campaign runs at 30fps though.