Can Uncharted Remain Great without Amy Hennig?

Although many hard working individuals have put their blood, sweat and tears into making Uncharted achieve what it has become, one woman had brought it all to life. Can the series survive without her guidance?

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Thatguy-3101208d ago

Uncharted 3 was led by her and while a good game didn't surpass or match what Among Thieves established. Neil and Bruce are the masterminds behind the story telling. They showed it with among thieves and surpasses it with The Last of Us. We're in for a treat with A Thieves End.

Ezz20131208d ago

I respect her work on Uncharted 3
I love it as much as i love Uncharted 2
But i trust TLOU team to do much better than her TBH.

Crazyglues1208d ago

Yeah I think it's going to be fine, I trust the TLOU team to do an amazing job..

freshslicepizza1208d ago

as far as i know naughty dog consists of a strong team of members, not just one. yes she was (is) a good writer but i have no doubt uncharted 4 will have a good story too.

Mr Pumblechook1208d ago

I have a lot of respect for Amy Hennig - and gratitude. She was a major creator in one of my favourite modern game series. But even without her input I'm sure that Uncharted 4 will be just fine. Actually it will be great. Technically it is already outstanding. The Last of Us writers are on story duties so you couldn't ask for a better team.

The new fashion in the games' media is to be negative about a game before having played the full game. Is the first such piece for U4?

Eonjay1208d ago

There are hundreds of people working on that game. It was never up to Amy to make anything great. Anyone who works on a team knows that it is the combined effort of all hands that makes a great result.

uptownsoul1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Gotta 100% agree with @dboyc310...

I got nothing but love for Amy Hennig. But most people think The Last of Us & Uncharted 2 are the best Action/Adventure games Naughty Dog ever released (and the average ratings of these games fuel that thought). There were 2 head people that worked on both, Bruce Straley & Neil Druckmann

I think Amy Hennig's new project will be awesome too, but Uncharted 4 is fine. And I can't wait to play both!!!

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NeverHeavyMan1208d ago

For me, Drake's Fortune and Drake's Deception were better games. I won't take anything away from the achievement that is/was Uncharted 2, nor the hard work that went into it. I just thought those two were more personal stories, and for that, I preferred them over the Summer blockbuster feel of Uncharted 2.

Spotie1208d ago

No offense, but you're the only person I've ever seem who thinks 2 is not the best of the three.

jb2271207d ago

I liked the story for 3 a little better than 2's but for actual gameplay, variety & pacing, 2 is my absolute favorite in the series. Seems to me like Neil & Bruce are building something more in the vein of 3 storywise though, by introducing more of Drake's family history. Neil & Bruce are obviously big fans of Amy's work as well and I honestly believe that they will keep the spirit of her scripting alive in the new title. All of the prerelease material has had that great humor intact, and introducing Sam is the perfect way to put a capper on this story.

Jayszen1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I agree - Uncharted 2 was much better than 3. The story had more emotional depth and resonance. I always felt the Uncharted 3 was more like a summer blockbuster and looked good but ultimately not as memorable.

We do not know why Henning really left ND but I think Uncharted 4 is safe in the hands of the guys who wrote TLOU and from what we have seen so far, I can't wait for Uncharted 4. I doubt it would be any better with Hennig in charge and if No. 3 was anything to go by, perhaps worse.

OhMyGandhi1208d ago

agreed. I think she is incredibly talented, and even her so-so work is far better then most other game designers. That being said, Neil Druckmann has proven to be quite the designer as of late, and as long as he stays with Naughty Dog, the level of quality should always be there.

Shadowolf1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I don't know where you're getting your information from, however to be more accurate about Amy Hennig's footprint on the series, she was head writer and creative director for the entire Uncharted series. She wrote and directed the first game, wrote most of part 2 and was in charge of the complete project, then she wrote and directed part 3.

Sure the series will continue to be great without Amy at this point as most of the heavy lifting has already been done. Taking nothing away from TLOU writers who are uber talented, however there job now of making a great Uncharted 4 has been made much easier with Amy laying the thick foundation.

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-Foxtrot1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I think it will be fine but I don't care what people say she is still part of the reason why Uncharted is so awesome she did help in some way. I don't think the third game lacking in some areas was her fault. I think it came down to time restriants and too much focus on the multiplayer in my opinion.

I really hope she speaks out after Uncharted 4 is released so we get to at least know what her idea for Uncharted 4 was going to be.

Eight Months being tossed out the window is a lot

If I had to guess and this is going by the very first trailer we got when Sam wasn't being played by Troy Baker it sounded like his brother was going to be a villain from the start. It's pure speculation on my part but maybe, and I said maybe she had Sam as an open villain from the start

SoapShoes1208d ago

Do we have any confirmation that everything she did was tossed out the window? I thought U4 was in development since shortly after U3? That's a long time.

-Foxtrot1207d ago

Huh....provide proof...disagreed to death




"Uncharted 4: Naughty Dog scrapped 8 months’ work when writer Amy Hennig left"

Literally my point right there.

SeanScythe1208d ago

Wait The first time we see sam is when he meets nate after the gameplay demo. He was played by Troy. Not sure what trailer you saw.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

He's talking about this

Which could have been his brother talking and does sound like the villian of the story.

Picnic1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

It felt like they made huge multiplayer sets and then changed the design of parts of them for the single player. So I agree that it feels that multiplayer came first, just like the set pieces came first before the story. I think that the product was very good, it was a classic part 3 approach to any series in that it had something more in common with the original game than part 2 did- more humour, far more Drake and Sully relationship.
I also love Uncharted 3's multiplayer because its arenas make it harder for snipers to pick you off. I like moving fast in Cloaked with Revenge equipped. Also, part 3's puzzle sections were classier and the parkour was nice. It still feels odd to be tackling enemies in black suits in an exotic country though. Part 4 promises to use ideas learned from all 3 games. People are a bit too lenient on part 2 in comparison - it had no maneouvrable vehicles, Sully was little part of the story and it felt a little cold, literally in some parts.

jb2271207d ago

That does make a lot of sense. In the grand scheme of things I think Sam will still end up taking an antagonistic role, but it will be less overt, which is most likely for the best. I'd rather see Sam's greed get the best of him and get him to begrudgingly double cross Drake than have him be on some revenge quest from the beginning. I just think the former makes for a better story w/in the UC realm, and its a bit more believable.

I still think its fairly obvious that this series is all about the family we make, not the one we were born into, and this last installment will be meant to illustrate that better than the other, when Drake's own flesh & blood will be willing to betray him in search of treasure, his true family in Sully & Elena will be there to lift him up and save him.

Sounds more to me like Amy's version was going to be just another installment while Neil & Bruce's version is more fitting of a potential finale that wraps up all of loose strings and ties in all themes from the series.

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mushroomwig1208d ago

It's not like Amy Hennig was the only writer for Uncharted, Neil Druckmann and Josh Scherr also wrote Uncharted, Uncharted 2, they both skipped Uncharted 3 but are returning for Uncharted 4.

I'm not saying this is the case, but both Neil Druckmann and Josh Scherr skipped Uncharted 3 and it turned out to be weaker than Uncharted 2.

Walker1208d ago

Can Uncharted Remain Great without Bruce and Neil ? that's the true question!

Jalva1208d ago

Uncharted 3 answers that question.

Walker1208d ago

Agreed, Uncharted 3 was a fantastic game but Uncharted 2 was way better than that !

Rimeskeem1208d ago

Uncharted did remain great with Uncharted 3. But Uncharted 3 was not nearly as great as Uncharted 2.

Godz Kastro1208d ago

The remaining writers are great so it should be good.

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