How To Play Fallout Shelter on PC

Good news for those who want to play Fallout Shelter but aren’t okay with gaming on their smartphones, people can now play Fallout Shelter play on their PCs, yes, that’s true. Installing an Android app on PC is no difficult thing

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PlayableGamez1059d ago

Should try this out. I don't see why Fallout Shelter can't be on PC natively

Simco8761059d ago

Game is fun, but it's really made for mobile. Since you'll just be staring at your dwellers literally doing nothing for awhile, it just makes sense.

ProjectVulcan1059d ago

Yeah, it's definitely a great setup for mobile. Best played in like 15-20 minute spurts and then left for a few hours, to pop back and level up your dwellers and training or check on your explorers.

nikrel1059d ago

I wanna know where da gold at

Simco8761058d ago

all you gotta do is look up in da tree!

Skate-AK1059d ago

Would be cool to see it as a Vita app, but we all know that isn't happening.

Th3o1059d ago

It would be an easy port too, but I feel the buttons on the vita would make it semi uncomfortable to play on it:P

If Sony were smart they would release a Dual Boot Vita. With Vita OS + Android.

Repjaws1059d ago

Why would you want to tho?Can we get a separate article contemplating about that?