"Destiny" Voice Actor Lance Reddick Talks "The Taken King"

In this exclusive interview "Destiny" voice actor Lance Reddick discusses his work on the game, including the upcoming expansion, "The Taken King"

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mayberry1210d ago

I love this guys voice acting! I believe he also voice acted Killzone Shadow Fall... so good!

ninsigma1210d ago

Was he in lost?? I remember him in fringe but cannot for the life of me remember him in lost.

3-4-51210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

He was in lost near the end.

Awesome on Fringe though.

SaveFerris1210d ago

Isn't this guy also in Quantum Break? He's a great actor.

Chevalier1210d ago

He was also the hotel manager in John Wick recently.

MasterD9191210d ago

Also was on The Wire & Fringe.

ninsigma1210d ago

Love fringe, one of my favourites and he was a great character/actor in it.

BEASELY1210d ago

He was also great on OZ.

Sureshot1209d ago

"breakfast of champions!" proceeds to snort crack.

I use that line to this day!... but not with crack.

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