Brand New Screenshots for Attack on Titan Video Game Released

Tecmo Koei released a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming Attack on Titan video game which is due to release on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, this winter and 2016 in North America and Europe.

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megatron007331207d ago

Mikasa is looking gorgeous... :D

rdgneoz31207d ago

The game is looking nice. Though these "new" pictures are not new at all. They're the same ones from 4 days ago (or 6 days ago minus the text that was one them).

ThunderPulse1207d ago

Well they got the graphics looking similar to the show but I need to see some gameplay.

gangsta_red1206d ago

Something tells me this game is going to be a ton of fun.

I'm sure they'll get the zip lining down, that should be no problem.

I really hope this has multi-player. I want to make a team of friends and take down some titans together.