Guerrilla Games' PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn inspired by creating beauty

Developers are often inspired by a wide variety of things, and among them is creating something they only could have imagined in their dreams. For Guerrilla Games, they've spent well over a decade working on creating new stories within the Killzone universe, but as we saw at E3 2015, the studio has moved on to something new.

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MasterCornholio1204d ago

Love the art style in the game.

littlezizu1204d ago

Can't wait for this game. Hoping for new trailer during TGS or PGS.

nucky641204d ago

I'm thinking/hoping maybe some gameplay footage at psx in December.

littlezizu1204d ago

They did say more gameplay footage will be shown during Sony's event(presumably it's PSX).

MrSec841204d ago

@littlezizu: There's Paris Games Week in October, although it's possible that Sony may try to appeal to the monster hunter and mech/RPG crowd in Asia and have new footage for Tokyo Games Show next month.

A random trailer showing off The Market area, some exploration through ruined Caves that are actually heavily corroded sky scrapers (see intro to the E3 reveal), some teaser of a never before seen mechanized behemoth, flying beasts could definitely appeal to the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest audience.

Given Guerrilla's history for announcing games close to release and Sony announcing their biggest new IP only 9 months prior to release with Bloodborne, it's pretty likely we'll get new info sooner, rather than later.
The fact more info was given on it's tech at Siggraph and Guerrilla are not backing off from talking about it makes it seem very likely that this will be releasing pretty soon.

I've said it many times, in quite a few places but I think this will follow in the footsteps of past Guerrilla titles, releasing in March and I think Uncharted 4 will be brought forward to release in Feb.

Seems very likely PS4 will have a very packed first half of 2016 for major exclusives.

Genuine-User1204d ago

Guerrilla Games are attending PGW. I'm sure we'll see more of Horizon in October.

corroios1204d ago

I think this could be the open world game that every gamers was expeting. Dinorobots!! what could be wrong.

A need another trailer with more dinorobots, lol. New species!!!

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