We Almost Finish One of the Hardest Super Mario Maker Levels: IGN Plays Live

Jose and Marty almost finish one of the most difficult levels they have ever played in Super Mario Maker.

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gangsta_red1204d ago

Wow, this looks like the killer game/app for the WiiU. This is platforming at it's peak. I can only imagine what sadistic levels users will make for others to play.

Excellent idea Nintendo, let's hope you have some more like this lined up later.

Metroid Maker, Mario Kart Maker, Zelda Maker!

Skate-AK1204d ago

Or just a Nintendo Maker where you can make any type of game and have them include Nintendo assets and music. Similar to LBP2. Shoot em ups, side scrolling, driving, man it would be really cool.

gangsta_red1204d ago

Lol, I can see that happening later down the road after they bank off of the series a little more. Just having a whole mash up.

That would be really cool to see.

jcnba281204d ago

This game will be played for years!

LAWSON721204d ago

Got my Wii U bundle on pre-order can't wait

TeamLeaptrade1204d ago

Yes! I must have this game. I don't know if I could make quality levels like what they've showcased so far, but I'll try.

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