Dropsy Hands-On Preview - Come On, Give the Creepy Clown a Hug | COG

COG writes - Dropsy is about as bizarre a title as we've ever seen but that doesn't mean it lacks charm. Riding a strange line between creepy and affable, Dropsy is both lovable and utterly terrifying.

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Paulhammer1062d ago

I cannot play this. I'm sorry world. Also, isn't dropsy a fish disease?

Digital_Anomaly1062d ago

Hahaha, yeah it totally is.

CuHnadian1062d ago

Drugs may or may not have been involved in the making of this game.

MercilessDMercer1062d ago

Uhh what the actual hell is this?

Digital_Anomaly1062d ago

Creepiest clown since Pennywise, am I right!?

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