More Japanese Developers Want to Work on Home Consoles than on Mobile, CEDEC Survey Reveals

Every year, the CEDEC administration committee of the Japanese Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association, which is basically the local equivalent of the ESA, conducts a in-depth survey about the life and working conditions of Japanese game developers.

The results for this year have been published, and there's one question that's particularly interesting, asking what platforms developers are working on, and which one they would actually like to work on.

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breakpad1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

off course they want, now with the rise of PS4 they can benefit from it, a home made console with incredible variety on what you can develop and release on ,without restrictions and targeted player groups that play only dude -bro -brainless shooters

raggy-rocket1124d ago

I hope that wasn't a shot at us Xbox gamers :P

Spotie1124d ago

It's only a shot at you if you fit the description.

raggy-rocket1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I don't, but it's an insult thrown at Xbox a lot that it's all dudebro. I only assumed that since he was referencing PS4 and its benefits then randomly brought up a specific point about brainless dudebro shooters, he was throwing shade at Xbox. I don't really understand the disagrees though, I think it's a very odd point to raise unless insulting Xbox so I thought it was obvious. Twas only a light-hearted question. Oh well.

N4g_null1124d ago

You do know blop3 is a ps4 thing right? It's crazy that drama games are what separate the two. Why is this in the nintendo news feed? Oh well. More hits.

Sony needs to change that want into can. Release a blue ps4 sony! Unleash the greatness. The AAAS are getting boring!

kalkano1124d ago

This is a vicious cycle. In the process of chasing mobile, you're making people not want to work in the industry. The biggest problem is that kids right now are not going to want to work in the industry when they grow up.

N4g_null1124d ago

That is a great talking point. Right now the pr of the leading console ps4 says you can't put your best mobile games on ps4, they simply would not sale. The fans would rip you appart.

I'm finding more mobile games I like than ps4 games. Companies like Konami are going all mobile also. There is a huge scene of ps2 mobile game emulator out now also.

People really don't care where they play. Also any smart development team would not turn down sony money.

DragonDDark1124d ago

Crazy since people say they are a mobile gaming country. I guess those people are hiding now ;)

PhoenixUp1124d ago

PlayStation is going to get even more great Japanese games

S2Killinit1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Good news for PS4 and gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.