Yakuza 5 Game Page Live on PSN, Pre-Order for a Cheeky 15% Discount

Yakuza 5 will be jumping the Japanese ship later this and heading West to a PS3 near you. We're still clueless as to when the game will actually release, but we do at least know how much it'll set you back financially


Update: Yakuza is now available to pre-order on PSN.

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showtimefolks1206d ago

day 1 one fellow yakuza fans please buy it if we want future yakuza games in the west. time to put our money where our mouth is

its a day one for me like all past yakuza games

Hold_It1206d ago

Will do next month. That's the only PS Exclusive to look forward to this year.

Hopefully this does well enough to get 0 Localized.
We get all the DLC for Yakuza 5 in this release. :D

akiraburn1206d ago

Definitely bud. $34 for a pre-order is a very fair price. I just hope that Sega/Sony have some further plans to help market the game. Already got my copy ordered, now it's just the wait.

WildArmed1206d ago

Yesss, let us show Sega that it's still worth bringing their games over.

Valkriya Chronicles, Yakuza... we wait for you

S2Killinit1206d ago

Will Yakuza 5 be on the PS4 as well by any chance? I would buy this in a heartbeat.

WildArmed1206d ago

Hard to say, they are already working on Yakuza 0 for PS4 though.

I'm excited either way.

PS+ gave out Yakuza 4 recently too! So I hope it picked up more fans along the way.

chrish19901206d ago

It got me hooked, Yakuza 4 was my first ever one (shame on me, I know) so I'm looking forward to this one coming out over here

WildArmed1206d ago


Not shameful at all, infact I applaud you for trying something new. A lot of people didn't even give the PS+ game a go (which makes me extremely sad).

I would highly recommend Yakuza 3 as well on the PS3.

Just don't get Dead Souls :) I regret that call.

showtimefolks1205d ago

I love yakuza series so much that I actually had a blast with dead souls. it was something different yet the story was still very well done

I also hope they bring yakuza 1 and 2 hd remaster collection

I also hope they do shenmue 1 and 2 hd remaster colkection

is there any news on yakuza ishin coming to west?

akiraburn1205d ago

I posted a comment on the PS Blog asking if they have had any discussions regarding a PS4 re-release, or possibly a PS4 HD collection, as well as a couple other questions about further localizations, but I haven't received any response as of yet. I still went ahead and pre-ordered the PS3 version, but if a PS4 version is announced later on I'd gladly grab that one as well.

So far the only Yakuza titles on PS4 are Ishin and Zero, both of which were cross-gen titles that have only released in Japan. Though, the hope is that if Yakuza 5's sales are strong enough, that will give Sega/Sony reason enough to at least bring over Zero and future numeric/canonical releases. Much as I desperately want it, it is for that same reason that Ishin might be unlikely for localization. Hopefully I'm wrong though, and they end up announcing both Ishin and Zero for localization at PSX. While unlikely, that would be so awesome.

yewles11206d ago

Finally, will try to put mine down tomorrow. #KakatteKoi

q8kik1206d ago

Finally.......After this my PS3 shall rip.

EstSince88Gamerdude1206d ago

I was sure this was on ps4 aswell..damn really wanted this, just hope they release 0 to the west aswell!

ONESHOTV21205d ago

nope no ps4 support how about you buy the ps3 version so you can get the ps4 version later that is idea right.

EstSince88Gamerdude1203d ago

My comment would be pointless if I had a PS3 to actually play yakuza 5 on, which I don't as I gave it to a family member upon purchase of my PS4. So no that it not a good idea my friend..not at all.

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