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Capcom release all six NES Mega Man games in one budget-priced download, but do any of the games stand up to modern scrutiny?

All the old Spectrum games in Rare Replay – British-made classics like Jetpac and Atic Atac – must’ve seemed a very peculiar inclusion to most American and Japanese gamers. But on the flipside it’s unlikely that many British gamers care very much about Mega Man and his games. There will be some, since the NES was certainly more popular here than the Speccy was in America, but as respectful as this retro collection is it’s unlikely to generate any new fans.

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SCW19821211d ago

Wow I really can't take this sight serious if they think Mega Man doesn't hold up. Some of the best pure gameplay mechanics ever made.

FullmetalRoyale1211d ago

After playing, and falling in love with, Shovel Knight I felt a renewed interest in trying Mega Man. I watched the launch trailer of the Legacy collection, and as soon as the music hit I was sold. I watched the Kinda Funny Lets play of the Legacy Collection. As soon as I started playing Shovel Knight like how you see people playing Mega Man(using and switching equipment on the fly) makes me very excited to try it, and it made me a lot better at the game.
Very excited personally!

Milkshake1211d ago

What a joke of a website! I wonder how they managed to be on metacritic!

Dario_DC1211d ago

Wondering the same thing... Most of their reviews are beyond stupid!

SliceOfTruth8881211d ago

"Cons: None of the games feel like classics worthy of this level of attention, and they’re all far too similar too each other. Not including all 10 games seems a little cheap."

Credibility /dead

Darkwatchman1211d ago

I never played the games in their heyday because I wasn't born when the original 6 released and only ever played the PSP remake of the first game, but this collection is absolutely beautiful.