27 Million People Watched The Biggest Counter-Strike Tournament Ever


ESL One Cologne 2015 concluded on Sunday, with Swedish team Fnatic beating out the French team EnVyUs 16-7 on Cobblestone, the second map of the finals.

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ThanatosDMC1204d ago

16-7 wow... that's so one sided. If this was randoms, they'd be cussing the crap out of someone from the same team.

Two-Face1204d ago

Counter-Strike is the kind of game that is both very fun to watch and play. Krimz played insanely good this tournament, and carried Fnatic on his backpack many times.

Best e-sports game in my opinion. On my way to Global Elite baby.

Nischayraval1204d ago

Counter strike ..
!!!ya played it in childhood lovely game...