Gears of War Ultimate Edition Review – Finally a True Remake (UpItHQ)

Gears of War Ultimate Edition is latterly what the name claims it to be. This is the ultimate remake that has hit gaming as of yet. It is a remake of the original Gears of War game this time, for Xbox One. While it is very well known that remakes are trending in the gaming industry few have come as close to the quality you will get from Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

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DirtyPete1209d ago

A true remake is right. The game looks great, it feels great. Its like playing the original the way it was meant to look and feel. Cant wait to dive deeper into the multiplayer and experience some of that formerly PC exclusive content.

TheGreatGamer1209d ago

If all developers had this sort of standard before throwing around the words 'remake' and 'remaster' then I'd think we'd see a lot less negativity surrounding these remade/remastered games. Really enjoying the MP so far, the 60fps is a game changer

Dario_DC1209d ago

Some Remasters are quite lazy but this is a Remake, quite a difference.
BTW having this Gears Remake campaign runing at 30fps is lazy too.

RedDeadLB1209d ago

I consider remasters unnecessary. Either remake or GTFO.

NeverHeavyMan1209d ago

It's a very well done game, but it is still a remaster, being that it re-uses all of the older assets.

That said, it's Gears 1, the best in the series for me, so this is just fantastic!

FlexLuger1208d ago

"Either remake or GTFO."

...Or just make the old one backwards compatable. dat options, baby!:)

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1209d ago
LifeInNZ1208d ago

Downloading as I type....cant wait for some co-op goodness with my son who was too young to play it when it first came out.