Titanfall is still heaps of fun and unmissable on Xbox One at this price

Dealspwn: There's no excuse to not own a copy of Titanfall if you like shooters. Hell, at this price for a new copy you can afford to give this one a go even if you don't, as we're sure the mech and parkour action will change your mind. Then you can play Black Ops III in November and marvel at how much Activision and co have swiped from this game.

There's nothing quite like Titanfall on the market right now (until November, at least) and the combination of massive mechs and jetpacks is all sorts of mad fun. Now's a great time to get involved too thanks to the DLC drops being made FREE for all. Be sure to check out Jon's review and have a look at the video of Carl heading online with only a joystick for company.

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Automatic791210d ago

I still pop this game on from time to time. It's still one of the best shooters in my opinion to come out this generation. Can't wait for the new one to come in a few years.

VaporCell1210d ago

ew I downloaded this from ea access when i bought my xbox and i couldnt see the special thing about just sounds more fun on paper than in practice imo