The Taken King Could Redeem Destiny

Mick Fraser: "It’s the changes, the improvements, that this expansion heralds. I’m not going to list them all in detail here, that’s already been done elsewhere, but I will say that each one is an indication that Bungie are listening. Not to the complainers, to the butt-hurts out there who want to nerf this gun or improve that drop-rate, but to the fans, to the community, to the people who ask questions."

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ninsigma1210d ago

The taken king is bringing to the game what people were hoping for in the first place I think. Glad to see they listened to the complaints. Can't wait for this to drop!

pompombrum1210d ago

Yeah it really does look like they are bringing people the game we all expected the original Destiny to be.. at over double the cost fml

Kaizin5141210d ago

Yea, essentially, Destiny Year One was a beta test for The Taken King, albeit Taken King won't be as lengthy overall. I am excited for it, might actually return to Destiny after my 8 month long hiatus.

thorstein1210d ago

Agreed. I bought the game and the expansion packs. I was extremely excited at the THOUGHT that the expansion was only going to be $20 for me since I have been here since day one.

Alas, that isn't so. The expansion is $40 for just the Taken King PLUS $20 for the "bonus" material (shaders, exotics, and emotes.)

So, they want me to pay full retail price for an expansion pack. I was so ready, even upping a third character. But now, colossal let down.

gamer91210d ago

All the tweaks are awesome but I was hoping for more playable content, especially strikes (only 3 new ones)

porkChop1210d ago

Most tweaks are things that could be done in patches (free). The actual playable content is what matters when it comes to price. The Taken King doesn't seem to have much playable content, so for the price it's a huge rip-off.

Either way, I'm done with Destiny. Bungie made so many promises and didn't live up to any of them. Then they continued to be stubborn when people complained about the various questionable design choices in the game. They're only starting to come around now because they'll need to make customers happy enough to buy Destiny 2 next year. They had their chance, they won't get a penny from me.

gamer91210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I hate this game because it’s taking too long to get to the point, it’s full potential, due to the 10 year plan. I put up with this game because all my buddies think it’s the best and there isn’t much else to play at the moment. I can’t wait until November =)

ninsigma1210d ago

The stuff like having exp as the sole way of levelling up, doing light point's separate from the level, making light points the average of your attack and defense, bigger vault space etc are all free. The game is getting an update the same day as ttk drops with what I mentioned in it and it's available to all players no matter if you have only the original or all the expansions. It's also not necessary to buy the game again for the taken king as it is possible to buy just the taken king expansion if you already own the game.

thorstein1210d ago


To get the entire expansion it costs $59.99 for those of all who have bought all the expansions. That is the price of a full retail game.

Just the Taken King without the extra content is $39.99... Not $20, which is what we were led to believe.

ninsigma1210d ago

Oh, OK. I thought it was normal expansion price. I saw it on psn and assumed it was that because it said unavailable so price didn't show. In that case yeah pricing sucks if you already own everything. Hopefully they'll show more stuff to justify the price tag.

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Automatic791210d ago

I think its a step in the right direction.

ScorpiusX1210d ago

will have to wait and see how much redeeming there going to do.

SolidGear31210d ago

Happy I'll just now be getting on board

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