Top 5 Best Survival Games for the PS4

PS4Home: "Survival horror games have just soared in popularity in recent years and I am not complaining. It’s a genre that has gotten a lot of attention lately because of some really good games and some really bad games."

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DigitalRaptor1209d ago

SOMA is out next month.

The Forest and Killing Floor 2 come to PS4 this year.

And Bend Studio's open-world horror game might be a 2016 game.

Damn PS4 killing it with this genre.

Genuine-User1208d ago

The Last of Us on grounded.

DragonKing811208d ago

Until Dawn should be in this conversation too

SolidGear31208d ago

Just played Outlast and Whistleblower. Omg, how did it not get an Adults Only rating? In 25 years I've never played anything so disturbing, disgusting and perfect :3