Best Graphics Cards for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid series has always been special with it's games. This time, Hideo Kojima boasts of new graphics and an amazing story. This time, Gamunation has brought you the list of Best Graphics cards that can enable everyone to play Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain. This list includes Graphics cards of both Nvidia and AMD

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Old_Boss_1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Or just get a Gigabyte 960 for 190$ (Currently on Amazon) and you get TPP with it for free, at the end it's like you paid 120$ for a good card.

reversial1205d ago

This article is pretty poor. It recommends cards like a GTX 660 for $250. Rather than modern, faster, and cheaper equivalents.

Kleptic1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

yeah...both nvidia and amd have recent lineups that fill all voids from high end to low end acceptable prices...or, at least start with the R9 200 series on AMD side until the 300 series actually makes sense (it currently...does all)...

The article loses in that its written as a 'what to buy' line up, where almost none of them should be something a person considers buying right now (for the reasons mentioned above; there are better and cheaper options in newer line ups)...its also yet another ENTIRE ARTICLE founded on some listed spec requirements...they didn't bench it, they didn't test anything...they were just as obvious as humanly possible...

AdrianSmith7771205d ago

GTX 660 Seemed to have worked better than the other latest graphics cards according to Game debate's analysis

DragonKing811205d ago

I think my GTX 980 will do just fine!!

LAWSON721205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

My R9 290 would be able to handle it pretty damn well and considering I got it for $200 a while ago and is probably still a steal since R9 390 is just a rebrand and the GTX 960 is a joke for $200 in comparison.

I looked up the new series prices and my goodness AMD is just trying to destroy itself those prices suck

RedDeadLB1205d ago

AMD cards didn't fare that well in Ground Zeroes, though. I outperformed a 280x with a GTX 760, and a GTX 680 ran it as good as a 290x. Just a heads up.

Kleptic1205d ago

yeah i read some reports on that...didn't try it myself...

my OC'd 280x slots in between a 770 and 780 in BF4...yet falls under a 760 in last years demo for the game...

not sure if that was driver related or what...but hopefully they get it worked my only alternative would be to get the PS3 version thanks.

LAWSON721205d ago

Getting the CE on Xbox One anyway. I try to avoid console games on my PC unless they are dirt cheap primarily due to crap like that