Let’s Rank the Gears of War Games from Worst to Best

With the Ultimate Edition out, now's as good a time as any to rank the Gears of War series. What's your favorite?

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76erz241208d ago

Personally I'd say:

1) Gears of War 3 - great campaign, best multiplayer, 2 great co-op modes.
2) Gears of War 2 - Best campaign and Horde mode of the series but worst multiplayer
3) Gears of War - Dark smaller scaled campaign, amazing multiplayer
4) Gears Judgment - Worst campaign of there series, worst pvp, worst horde mode but Overrun mode was with the price of entry alone.

All 4 games are good with the trilogy all being all time great. Each one is a classic for its own reason.

GigawattConduit1208d ago

Judgement is hella forgettable. I played it, finished it, then a few hours later, forgot like 80% of it. And I hadn't even done anything that day.

spicelicka1208d ago

It was a shit ton of fun though regardless. Only thing was that it felt like a really long expansion.

Automatic791208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Gears of War 1, 3, 2, Judgment. All were great but the first had the beserker and it enduced fear. Love that aspect of Gears. Each had strengths and weaknesses in MP. Overall 1 and 2 favorite MP.

Paytaa1208d ago

1.) Gears of War 3 - Best multiplayer, decent campaign with cool set pieces, Horde was really well done. I have like 20 days played in MP alone.
2.) Gears of War 1 - The original. Multiplayer was on a different level when it came out (Dethroned Halo 2 on the XBL charts), Best atmosphere in my opinion, and the co-op was a lot of fun back in the day.
3.) Gears of War 2 - Best campaign storyline, multiplayer was decent but very bugged but after a while you adapted to it. Played more Horde in 2 than 3 so I enjoyed it more. My buddies and I would do 3v3 scrims on River and Jacinto religiously.
4.) Gears Judgement - Had the Gears of War aesthetic but failed to go where Gears 3 was taking the series and it felt too casual with button mappings ruining the core gameplay. Overrun was probably the only feature Judgement had going for it. Only have about 3 hours played it was so boring.

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Spikeantestor1208d ago

I don't play multiplayer much and have a tendency to get sick of things the more I have of them. So, I loved the first game, liked the 2nd, couldn't wait for the 3rd to be over and didn't even bother with Judgment.

Let the dislikes....BEGIN!

SolidGear31208d ago

2, 3, 1, Judgement. Never played MP, just the campaigns. 2 and 3 were epic, 1 was good and judgement was meh.

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