Don't miss out on Kojima's emotional farewell - here are the best MGSV prices

Dealspwn: "We're only days away from the first big release of 2015's silly season, with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launching next Tuesday. To mark its impending release, series creator Hideo Kojima has directed a brand new launch trailer that's special for two reasons. Firstly, it's incredibly nostalgic as it takes a look back at all the major instalments over the last 17 years. Secondly, this is (almost certainly) the last Kojima-directed Metal Gear trailer we'll ever see. As such, we've got both the launch trailer, and the cheapest prices for all systems, for you to check out after the jump."

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bggriffiths1207d ago

Oh Konami, what have you done? Looks like it's just PES and Pachinko for these guys from now on. We still don't really know anything solid about this bust up between Kojima and Konami, but it's certainly sad to see this will be the last Kojima-led MGS title. Who knows what Konami will do with the brand going forward (they'll stick Snake's face on a pachinko machine and farm him out to Nintendo for the next Olympics).

TheImprobableMulk1207d ago

That sounds horrifyingly plausible.

scark921207d ago

Solid Snake playing tennis is the last thing I want to see!

contradictory1206d ago

Naked Snake playing Basketball is the first thing i want to see!!!11!!!

Actually i just hope they sell the MGS IP to someone after this shitfest

showtimefolks1207d ago

konami you screwed up big time. Kojima is a legend and he could have made you a lot more money from future mgs games. there is a part of me that still want to say thank you konami for supporting kojima/mgs series for a long time

can not believe we may never get another mgs period. or we may never get one done by kojima productions.

thank you kojima for everything and best of luck in the future. I know there will be big time publishers trying to sign you.

I still hope that mgs 5 sells so much that investors force konami to rehire or get kojima to do another mgs. but that's just my wishful thinking I guess

Stringerbell1207d ago

So best prices pretty much means MSRP? Thanks for the savings!

bggriffiths1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Yeah, not a massive saving but stores know gamers will pay top money for big games like this. Just think of it as less money in Konami's pockets (although it's probably the retailers that take the hit with cheaper preorders).

You'll have to buy preowned if you really want to stick it to them, probably still gonna be £40+ preowned at Game/Cex like.

I'm probably gonna wait until early next year as I just don't have the time right now to play it and enjoy it. Naturally, that means trying to avoid spoilers for the next few months *gulp*

Soldierone1207d ago

Got it pre-ordered for 47 dollars at Best Buy. Their Gamers Club thing is glorious!

KuroKazuma1207d ago


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