Microsoft Slowing Down Xbox One Preview Acceptance Rates due to "Tremendous Response"

If you managed to get into the Xbox One preview program, then you’re set, but if you waited it out, it might be more difficult to gain access from now on. Program Manager Emily Hanson announced on the private preview forums that Microsoft is slowing down the rate at which it’ll accept registration, because the program is near capacity.

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SpaceRanger1205d ago

I think part of it is a liability consideration to the cap. Grow the cap and you'll have increase liability if a software were to affect the console negatively somehow. Keep the cap where it is and you'll have no increased liability and you'll keep the Xbox Preview program private and more exclusive.

After the RROD (even though it was hardware related) I'm sure MS considers that anything that has the potential to affect a lot of consoles should be kept low but high enough in this case to have a good population for statistics. It's basically the reason this Preview program and others like it exist.

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r3f1cul1204d ago

i got tired of the constant updates of the preview program messing up all my menus and stuff every other update and chose to withdrawal from it personally... its just not for me i guess i dont get the hype of wanting to be an unpaid beta tester...

bananaboats1204d ago

what are you talking about. Ive been in the program for over a year and havent noticed an update mess up my "menus and stuff"

I dont think i have seen an update ruin anything. I dont wanna doubt you but i dont believe you were ever part of the preview program.

r3f1cul1204d ago

my activity feed and most of my apps were just complete shit to load up and work correctly when i was on the preview program... withdrew from it, and havent had a problem one... plus logging on every other day to get an update regardless of how small got very old to me since i run in power save mode on xbone and not instant on... ive been a live member for 10 years... like i said i guess its just not for me :/

tinynuggins1204d ago

Many people find it exciting to be a part of the process and get to test out new features before they are available to the public. The updates are seemless and there haven't been any system crashing bugs yet. But I hear you, some people don't like to test out new features and would rather wait for it to drop with the rest of the public.

WDBII1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I'm waiting on the real deal Win10 update!!

meanthyme1204d ago

Been in preview program for ten months now, when was the month you received 15 updates ? It didn't happen did it ?

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slate911204d ago

Yeah, to everyone who I sent an invite on here sorry it still hasnt shown up :(. But I promise I sent them!! Lol

Kojjikaneshiro1204d ago

I've been a preview member sense it got implemented and i love it.They have given me access to things i find relevant as an XboX one owner.I've gotten betas,dashboard updates and since i'm very competitive it even gave me a chance to compete with my buds by giving us a score to keep track and measure our progress.Thanks ME,i for one appreciate your efforts to make my gaming experience better.

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