Mega Man Legacy Collection Review – A Brilliant Six Pack of NES Nostalgia | COG

COG writes: Mega Man Legacy Collection is a celebration of the 8-bit history of Capcoms iconic Blue Bomber. It’s everything we could have hoped for with the reproductions of the original six Mega Man games.

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JohnnyXeo1123d ago

Buying this when I get home!

MRBIGCAT1123d ago

why not, 15 bucks is a great buy for this!

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1123d ago

Goddamn it, it's titles like these that make me want to relive my youth, and spend money. Looks like I may just have to do both this evening. Thanks for the review link.

GrapesOfRaf1123d ago

I wish I had more time to go back and replay games like Mega Man. Gotta save up all my vacation time for Fallout 4...

FunkyGoron1123d ago

METAL BLADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becuzisaid1123d ago

How this is not on Vita I will never understand. These titles scream portability.

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