Madden NFL 16 Review: More Than Just a Roster Update | GameZone

GameZone's Lance Liebl: "Depending on who you talk to, each person has their Madden game preference. Some love Madden 15, while others hate it and prefer Madden 25. I happen to think Madden NFL 16 is the best Madden game to-date in the past five years. There’s still things that need fixing, and that will always be the case. But some of my biggest issues from the last couple of years have been remedied."

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Psychotica1209d ago

As usual it pisses me off right from the start. I put the disk in and it takes me to a game I don't want to play then after I get to the main menu it starts playing garbage rap music which thankfully I can turn off. Now to play a game that will take 10x longer than it needs to be because of all the between play animations..

lifesanrpg1208d ago

Pretty sure there are settings you can do to turn off the between play animations to make games quicker

Psychotica1208d ago

I don't see one. If you know what\where it is let me know please..

Minute Man 7211208d ago

Last Madden I bought was 15, was playing a game needed 1 yard for a 1st down ran the ball twice and picked up a yard each time but it was 4th & 1. So I sold it asap screw EA, the NFL needs to stop their deal with them let 2K make football games again they will put a end to Madden