The Aussies rule as a ton of new cars get added to Forza 6

Neil writes "This week's Forza 6 vehicle reveal is with us and it's the Aussies who are ruling the roost with the introduction of a number of V8 Supercars alongside some family favourites. "

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urwifeminder1206d ago

Not even many aussies buy aussie cars hence the death of our industry . Good riddance i say most common cars on the side of the road are holden and ford broken down ha ha.

Yi-Long1206d ago

Instead of hundreds upon hundreds of cars, I'd rather see Forza put a bigger focus on creating more gorgeous (fictional) tracks to race on.

3-4-51206d ago

^ That is what Forza Horzion 2 is for.

FlexLuger1206d ago

Damn shame. When they rebadged the holden as a VXR in europe it did wonders for vauxhaul/opel's's image. I remember being talked about fondly in car reviews. Never was quite able to get the best of an M3 but its a true old school bruiser of a muscle car with its own charms. It will be missed.

dumahim1206d ago

But they were like 10k cheaper than an M3 weren't they?

FlexLuger1206d ago


True. It lost out to the M3 in terms chassis performance/handling more than anything thing. It was more about the M3 being such a fantastic car than anything against the VXR. It held its own in that market segment. But the M3 always sets the bar high. The new one is killing the competition in reviews right now. Hopefully I will be able to pick one up for under 30K in about 4-5 years. Until then my 125M keeps me happy! :)

ProjectVulcan1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

The reason the Monaro did so well in reviews was it's price point for what you got, the performance and power. It was a bargain.

They are still rather rare today in the U.K, a bit of a Q car. If you drive them carefully they can get surprisingly good economy on runs because of the very long gearing (easily over 30mpg from a 6 litre V8!) and there are a lot of amazing tuning options.

poppinslops1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

@urwife - You sound like a Mainlander... for Shame!

The Commodore still has hardcore devotees in Tasmania - though they are a dying breed... it's such a pity - our delinquent teens are now doomed to a life of affordable, fuel-efficient mediocrity.

I still remember the excitement at school on the day after the unveiling of the Monaro Ute... the ad (which showed-off the vehicle's ability to avoid tornadoes whilst doing donuts in the Outback to the sound of AC/DC's 'Thunderstuck') was the most Australian thing I've ever seen - we shall never see it's like again.

Forza 6 will sell inordinately well in this colony... here's hoping a Torana makes the list.

urwifeminder1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Well i am not very patriotic and don't really like many Australian things , but some older cars were sweet used to own an EJ not a fan of ACDC ha ha. Times change would rather a tight handling car any day than a gas guzzler that rolls in turns its all good love rally cars myself .

massapeal791206d ago

Let's hope it going to be better than the last one because I didn't like Forza 5 it was missing a lost of stuff

Spotie1206d ago

If it was missing stuff, it had to be lost.

OneLove1206d ago

Forza 5 was my first entry so to me and 5 of my friends that started, it was hands down the best racing game we played. This led me to get horizon 2 and that will continue. Not sure where the hate for it is from.

FlexLuger1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

For a luanch game it still holds up. Yeah its light on cars compared to other forzas. But it still packed over 200 cars. Where it really starts to show its lack of content and features are in options and track selection. Things that were missing from FM4. But it still retained that feel some handling. Tyres seemed a touch less grippy though and in combination with the new controller its a bit of a balancing act act first getting the most out of your cars.

I am racing through it at the moment trying to finish SP mode before FM6 arrives. Not long now :)

crazychris41241206d ago

Forza 5 felt like a prolouge. Just not enough content. But Forza 6 is shaping up to be the Forza we have all been waiting years for. Getting the special edition bundle day 1.

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PistolsAtDawn1206d ago

Normally I hate closed course racing games, but this one sounds too damn good to pass up. Definitely buying this sounds all sorts of amazing....really I want Forza Horizon 3 or the next Dirt (without all the stupid Ken Block stuff they added....nothing against Ken, I just want simple rally racing).

Elit3Nick1206d ago

A Holden Maloo would be fantastic, plus the XB and XC Falcons and all the other Australian muscle cars. :D

Elit3Nick1206d ago

V8 supercars: It's fantastic that Forza has all the manufacturers represented here, on top of the BTCC/WTCC/STCC, IndyCar, Formula E and most of the 2014 GT3s.

Lancer Evo 9: Great to see this again, it's very similar to the Evo 8 but it looks larger and more menacing. Hopefully we see some older Evos through DLC.

Ghibli Cup: Another great car to return from FM4, will use this in C class if it fits.

Lotus Evora S: Was a bit disappointed to see this over the Evora 400, but close enough.

Subaru BRAT: I wouldn't underestimate this car, it may only have 68HP stock, but it weighs little more than 2000 lbs, so with some modifications you can have a leaderboard destroying 1600-1700 lb 4WD monster.