Nippon Ichi’s Refrain revealed for PS Vita

Nippon Ichi Software’s new dungeon RPG is a PS Vita game called The Underground Labyrinth Refrain and the Witch Brigade (Refrain no Chika Meikyuu to Majo no Ryodan), the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveals. It is due out in Japan this winter.

Other than that the game is a dungeon RPG played in the first-person perspective set in a “Nippon Ichi Software-like fun and dubious world,” and that there is a character who wields a spear, nothing else is known about the game’s contents.

Refrain is directed by Tatsuya Izumi (The Witch and the Hundred Knight, Hayarigami) and features character design by Takehito Harada (Disgaea, etc.).

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