Destiny: Weekly Reset 25th August – Looks Like A Good One

Clipping Error report on the weekly reset in Destiny. This week they cover the new Nightfall Strike, Heroic Strike, Prison Of Elders configurations for levels 23, and 34, as well as some new items which are now available for purchase from vendors. In addition, the offer advice for how to easily progress through the weekly Strikes, aiming to aid players who are just getting into the game.

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masterfox1203d ago

lol is been months I stopped playing this game now and when I watch this kind of articles it makes me smile cause I think I did that nightfall like a gazillion times, what the hell I was thinking ?? daammmnnn

Tex1171203d ago

I fired Destiny up for the first time in months to set the table for TTK (get all bounties leveled up and completed...get vanguard and other factions as close to leveling up as possible).

I tell you, regardless of the "hamster wheel" that the game is, that gameplay is really quite great and I enjoyed it.