Video: Migsy Plays Dark Souls 3

Follow Gamebug’s Migsy on her video adventure to Namco Bandai, Sydney, where she plays the first, early build of Dark Souls 3.

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pyroxxx1210d ago Show
Master-H1210d ago

That was a whole lot of Migsy, and zero new Dark Souls 3 footage. Pretty gal but that was a waste of time indeed.

thepluggy1210d ago

I think she only got into games when the PS4 came out,she had never heard of journey before the PS4 and never knew what the meme " i took an arrow to the knee" so she definitely never played Skyrim. so it makes me wonder any person remotely into games would have either heard of Journey or known that line which became famous pretty much.

ps360s1210d ago


I never hear of that before...but then I never really played Skyrim :(

But to answer you not every gamer knows every game

I have been gaming a longtime but have never heard of that line before ><

SouljAx3601210d ago

Most people on the internet, let alone gamers seen that line before. They didn't know what it meant, but they seen the meme.

Kornholic1210d ago

Hey woah woah woah, didn't you know that questioning these "gamer" girls' gaming credentials is misogyny?

Scatpants1210d ago

She probably has some sort of communications degree and wanted to host a show. Doesn't matter if it's about video games or pudding.

Perjoss1210d ago

Um, what in the blazes did I just watch? Reminded of those pointless 'watch my reaction to this trailer' videos.