15 Craziest Metal Gear Solid Plot Points You Need Reminding Of

Let’s just come out and say it: when it comes to plot, MGS is the most complicated, convoluted and downright crazy gaming franchise of all time. But it is also brilliant.

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Perjoss1208d ago

Even though I'm quite familiar with the MGS story, when I hear someone on a podcast or video summarising the story and timeline it really does sound like they are making it all up as they go along, its kind of ridiculous, but I'm totally OK with that.

MrChow6661207d ago

Its a ridiculously awesome story only possible in this medium, its unique

vikingland11207d ago

Solid snake is so hard he can't even kill himself lmfao!

aquaticDonut1207d ago

Yeah...I like the games but I'm always baffled when people tell me how much they love the plot. Probably gonna get a lot of down votes on this.

Lng1010101207d ago

I'm the opposite. I hate the games and stealth gameplay, but I've watched every cutscene :D

TomatoDragon1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Yeah, it's quite a story. Complicated and easy to get lost, but still epic.

However, few little errors in the article.
While it seems like Ocelot attached Liquid's arm to replace his missing one, we find out in MGS4, that's it's actually not Liquid's. It's cyber. (It's all tied up with Ocelot's crazy plan to turn himself into Liquid)

And in MGS4, Solid was going to kill himself because his body was going to start releasing the Foxdie virus, which would kill indiscriminately. (at least that's what he was told)

Yep...I'm mgs nerd. :)

shodan741207d ago

Oh God. It's even more complicated than I thought! :)

TomatoDragon1207d ago

It'll make your head spin. :-/

mgszelda11207d ago

I'm a stickler for people claiming to be die hard mgs fans. Like IGN and former IGN employees that thought when mother base was first shown that it was big shell. MGS fan my butt. Or when people don't know the difference of Solid and Naked/Big Boss