Famitsu review scores (8/25/15)

This week's Famitsu scores include Metal Gear Solid V (perfect), Until Dawn, and Dragon's Dogma Online.

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Geobros1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

40/40 for Phantom Pain? Wow!!!

Last game got perfect by famitsu was GTA V, only 23 games have managed this score.

DarkOcelet1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

Didnt MGS4 get 40/40 too?

Edit: Both Peace Walker and MGS4 got perfect scores.

Congrats Kojima on your masterpieces.

Transporter471085d ago

I can't wait on his next masterpiece with creative freedom to do as he wishes. :D

Spikeantestor1085d ago

Ok...but Final Fantasy XIII-2 is also on that

Germany71085d ago

The 40/40 list of Famitsu it's still pretty solid.

AlphaKennyOne1085d ago

Peace Walker deserves a perfect score. That's my favorite game to date. That might change after MGS V comes out.

NewMonday1085d ago

Until Dawn (PS4) – 9/8/9/9

game is getting much better reception than anticipated, a win for AAA adventure games. now hope the market gives then a chance.

Overwhelming1085d ago

So what? Final Fantasy XIII-2 got a perfect score too.

Bennibop1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

The game is amazing! I have just received my copy this morning from Simply Games (UK.) Going to be streaming tonight, if Konami/Sony are not banning people!

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LightofDarkness1086d ago

Famitsu's previously coveted perfect score has been very heavily diluted since 2008, really, it's not much to get worked up about these days. FFXII and XIII-2 got perfect scores, with XIII coming close as well. Nintendogs also got a perfect score. They have a demonstrable track record of brand loyalty, it's not too surprising to see this game get a 40 from them, to be honest.

Still my most anticipated game this year, I don't honestly see Fallout 4 beating it for me.

DarkOcelet1086d ago

FFXII was amazing and in my opinion deserves that score. I cant say the same about XIII or XIII-2.

And i really think MGSV deserves that score if its awesome as the other entries.

instantstupor1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

I agree with Dark, FF 12 was awesome. I think I replayed that one more than any other version, though I've played all of my favorites many, many times. I want a FF 12 HD Remaster (mainly just Vita if they can manage) really badly.


I loved FF 8, FF X, FF X-2 and I didn't hate the 13 series as much as others.

I really liked the battle system actually, if you played the right difficulty it was fast and fun - tactical even. I think most people forget that a lot of your regular combat in FF games was mash the X button on "attack" until the thing died. Maybe heal once in there. Obviously a different affair once you got to bosses, but the inbetween "grind" mobs were basically that. The "auto" gameplay critique leveled at 13, I think, was aimed at these battles. I hope the team can incorporate some incarnation of that system in another game, in such a way people like it. As it stands, I think its downfall was how it was perceived rather than how it actually worked.

Kalebninja1085d ago

in my opinion Final Fantasy XIII-2 was the only good game in that trilogy. I actually thought the game was fantastic, especially with its ending.

LightofDarkness1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

I loved XII, but it was far from a perfect game. If the original vision had been realized, it might have been. The last minute inclusion of Vaan and Penelo effectively marginalized the true narrative, in which Basch (or a character which Basch was moulded from) was to be the protagonist. SE decided that their fanbase didn't want a 30 something protagonist and shoe-horned in Vaan and a relationship with Penelo in order to make him relevant to the plot (and failed to do so).

The gambit system is easily abused as well, but XII had the best combat system in a FF game I can think of. I also loved how it felt like a genuine RPG, with a great deal of exploration and side quests on offer.

That said, because of the disjointed and limp narrative (a focal point of the series), the game would get an 8.5/10, IMO, not anywhere close to a 10.

XIII-2? Good, but not even as good as XII. That's more like a 7.5/10.

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bangoskank1085d ago

Didn't FFXII get a perfect score as well? Everybody hates that one sp they can't cater to everyone's tastes. I personally loved it but they also panned Suikoden II so I don't really trust anyone's reviews.

shysun1085d ago

I loved that game too. It's one of my favorites of all time.

_-EDMIX-_1085d ago

Agreed. The man only knows perfection! Famitsu was writing the review in tears ANIME STYLE!

higgins781085d ago

GTAV...exactly! Thats not to say the majority aren't going to enjoy and treasure this game (MGSV) - as with GTAV, but for me, I could never all in good conscience award GTAV a 'perfect' score. Yes, it was very good (in the beginning), but like all/most GTA games it soon becomes repetitive. This is not an accusation which looks like it can be levelled at MGSV (repetition), but its just an example of scores not reflecting each players experience.

Saying all this I'll not be picking it up anyhow, due to Konami's working conditions.

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butchertroll1086d ago

Congrats, MGS V! Also Until Dawn, not bad at all!

DarkOcelet1086d ago

Actually, Until Dawn score is damn impressive.

Transporter471085d ago

I just got Until Dawn today, but I can't wait to try it out tonight :)

_-EDMIX-_1085d ago

Its SOOOOOOO good! Best played with friends watching lol.

Mr Lahey1086d ago

Dragon’s Dogma Online! Great score as well! Loved the original on ps3!

Duoma1085d ago

now if only they would be sensible and bring it to the west and EU

Germany71085d ago

I would prefer a single-player experience just like the amazing original game, i really don't like mmo.

theshredded1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

A little less than an hr for the trailer, embrace yourselves!

Bennibop1086d ago

Good week for Playstation games in Famitsu!

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