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Ben from TG writes:
When it comes to horror it has to be done right. When I say horror has to be done right, I am referring to horror needing to be B-Grade. Cliche Characters and Storytelling, full of cheesy lines, jump scares and ridiculously gruesome, over the top death scenes. Supermassive Games have taken their inspiration for the PS4 exclusive, Until Dawn, directly from B-Grade horror and fused that with a choose your own adventure style of gameplay. The end result? A terrifying masterpiece of survival horror that is sure to be one of the genuine hits of 2015.

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PSIN4MANT1205d ago

Loving this game, It's a shame that Sony didn't market this game more, but then again, did they even realize what they had on their hands?

Can't wait to get into some more of this tonight.. (Feels kind of wrong playing it when the suns up....?)

SaveFerris1205d ago

There is still time for Sony to spread the word out about the game. If it can reach Heavy Rain sales numbers I'm sure both Sony and Supermassive games will be pleased.

TFJWM1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

In NYC they have had a fair amount of ads on TV, more than most games actually.

Bennibop1205d ago

I think they have backed Metal Gear instead as it has always historically shifted consoles and I am sure it will again!

PSIN4MANT1205d ago

No doubt, especially with that sexy custom console.

kayoss1205d ago

If you noticed, Sony rarely market a lot of third party games. Most of their heavy marketing are for their first party games. I think Sony relies on word of mouth for their marketing. But i agree, they should market all their exclusives.

PSIN4MANT1205d ago

True, I wonder though if this game does well, if sony will acquire SM as a 1st party studio.

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shammgod1205d ago

I will be scooping this game after work

LackTrue4K1205d ago

Is this game a full retail price? Or is it just in the psn network?

italiangamer1205d ago

Full retail game, you can also buy it on the PlayStation Store of course.

Kurisu1205d ago

I've gone for the steelbook! :)

IamTylerDurden11205d ago

@ Kurisu

You lucky dog, ithat steelbook is sexy i want it, but sadly i think it's only in Europe.

Until Dawn is the truth though, funny how everybody knows Super Massive Games now, no one knew them before. They have talent.

LackTrue4K1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Why so many disagrees? Haha

I just had worries that the game was short. But it's good to know its not, so today and next tuesday is a great time to be a PlayStation 4 owner.

shammgod1205d ago

I heard it is between 7-9 hours, but highly replayable.

I think people generally disagree instead of answering the question LOL.

TwoForce1205d ago

A True Sleeper Hit of 2015, gentleman. Bravo Sony and Supermassive Games.

IamTylerDurden11205d ago

Wasn't a sleeper imo, Until Dawn has been on the radar for ages. All hands on were positive as well. I would call it a hit or potential hit, either way it's terrific.

asmith23061205d ago

I guess Polygon exaggerated their score. It can't be that bad. Lots of great reviews.

Spotie1205d ago

Given how high the majority of the scores are, you can say Polygon was up to their old tricks again.

ninsigma1205d ago

Polygon?? Ha! Try digital spy! They gave it a freakin 40 out of 100 lol
Yeah that's a trustworthy review xD

BlackPanther1205d ago

If you think Polygon score is exaggerated so is this one... Polygon is about equal distance from the mean scores as this review is.

If you say this game isn't that bad to get a 6.5 this game is also not that good to get a damn 9.5.

mafiahajeri1205d ago

pretty good, I found this pretty funny!

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