How have First-Person Shooters Evolved?

Toni from GamersFTW writes, "The Call of Duty franchise is one of the biggest out there and, with Black Ops III soon arriving, I was wondering how much first person shooters have changed since their original conception."

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1noobgamer1183d ago

I think First-Person Shooters have declined. There was a time where I'd stay up all night playing one but now they're just not so gamer focused but money focused.

tonmori1183d ago

But there are so many different types of FPS. My point in the article is that people are so quick to jump to the COD games as an example but Portal and Bioshock count too.

Skellytorx1183d ago

Awesome article. I do love a FPS (even though I'm not that good at them!)

Maple221183d ago

I think FPS games will always have their place and some have changed over the years, but with big names focusing more on the online multi-player side it makes them lose appeal. If the game has a good story however, you don't always notice the format and just enjoy the game for what it is.

tonmori1183d ago

I agree. I think we should treat it more as the art style of the game and less as a genre.

KurtRussell1182d ago

Multiplayer FPS have declined too, no skill required these days. Red Orchestra and CSGO excluded.

GamerGabs1183d ago

Nice little article but it felt slightly too short. More exploration into the evolution of the genre and what that means would have been interesting. I have a personal love for on-rail shooters, great way to just sit back, relax and kill everything in sight.

rextraordinaire1183d ago

I'm not a hardcore FPS fan, but I'll admit I spent a ridiculous amount of time with the Borderlands series. It relied less on reflexes and more on weapon stats, and also had silly humour. Love this series.

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The story is too old to be commented.