MWEB GameZone Zombi Review - Is it the game for U?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Zombi is a port of the Wii U’s 2012 game ZombiU – albeit slightly remastered and tweaked for current generation consoles and PCs, but is it the game for U?"

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HanCilliers1091d ago

I'm disappointed in the graphics quality. If you make a game for current-gen, why not make it look better?

SonZeRo1091d ago

IKR. Horrible port graphics is horrible

bouzebbal1091d ago

what do you expect from ubisoft? this company and th elikes of it are only cash grabs. they don't care if their customers are treated well..

Summons751091d ago

because it was low budget and that's how it was originally released on CURRENT GEN.

sprinterboy1091d ago

Great game if you ask me, yes the gfx are alittle last gen, but for a survival horror game at £15 with replay value and about 30hrs of gameplay (1st playthrough) you can't go wrong

FoxyGotGame1091d ago

"Zombie it the game for U?"

The article's title is so very imaginative /s

cfc781091d ago

Good game for the price only real let down for me was the weapon sounds which certainly needed an upgrade.