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Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is a puzzle platformer with stunning 3D environments. Players will enjoy finding the solutions to puzzles by switching between the three playable protagonists, but may find frustration with the necessity to find most of the collectables in order to progress.

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Skellytorx1121d ago

Good informative review. Enjoyed reading this :)

HRD_Games1121d ago

Sad that it feels like a downgrade from the last two. And hearing that they ran through their $5.4 million budget on a game that wasn't as good is a little disheartening.

GamerGabs1121d ago

Yeah I heard about that. Particulally sad news for the storyline, I want to know what happens!

Maple221121d ago

I like the look of this one, nice style. It seems a shame that there isn't too much of a story.

Master of Unlocking1121d ago

How come it's not on consoles?

GamerGabs1121d ago

I think that they have plans to put it onto other consoles but have concentrated on the PC version for now.