The real horror of 'Until Dawn' is that Sony sent it to die

Engadget writes: "Are we, like, in a movie right now?" It's an apt question one of the handsome teens starring in PlayStation 4's latest exclusive, Until Dawn, asked about an hour after I picked up the controller. Yes. No. Maybe. It's kind of hard to explain, and it appears Sony would rather not. At its core, Until Dawn is an interactive teen-horror movie (think '90s genre staples Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer) set at a remote ski lodge where a murderous psychopath is on the loose. But after critics almost universally chastised Sony's other AAA tentpole, The Order: 1886, earlier this year for its gorgeous but bland cinematic leanings, "interactive movie" is a label the gaming juggernaut would rather not bandy about here.

In fact, Sony would prefer you not pay attention to this game at all. It's getting no love from the company's marketing department and was weirdly absent from this June's E3 media briefing. And that's a damned shame because Until Dawn is one of the best horror experiences -- interactive or not -- I've ever had.

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robtion1209d ago

Totally agree. Not sure what is going on at Sony with the poor timing and marketing but I have been anticipating this game for ages. Hopefully it is not too overshadowed by MGSV and other big games coming out soon.

I really hope it sells as it looks fantastic. Will find out for myself tomorrow.

Angeljuice1209d ago

Its been quite well advertised as far as I'm concerned. They have a featured sponsorship on the Horror Channel (in the UK) and I've seen more adverts than I usually do.

I think it has been more of a targeted campaign, and I'm obviously a part of that targeted demographic.

robtion1208d ago

Right, well I'm in Australia so maybe just over here that they didn't bother advertising?

My main issue was with the release date, less than a week before MGSV and Mad Max. Seems it may hurt sales to me, hope not.

jb2271209d ago

Maybe after years of taking chances on great games that go underappreciated on release only to end up as cult classics like Heavy Rain have just made them reluctant to spend too much marketing money on games that will most likely review well, but potentially sell poorly anyway? Its hard to really fault them, and games media does have some blame considering that for every 2 dozen stories about yet another mp remaster title, you may get one for something like Until Dawn...then every article under the sun is claiming that there is no new exclusive game releasing for the PS4, completely ignoring titles like Until Dawn.

robtion1208d ago

I agree with you about some of the media and their hipocracy. Still think Sony could have released it at a better time. Why not early August, at least then there wouldn't be so much competition.

Baba19061209d ago

well i bought mgsv and this =D cant wait to play both

Blueraven3161209d ago

Can't market every game like crazy.

suckingeggs1209d ago

It's an exclusive... This should take priority over third party marketing

Bennibop1209d ago

Not over MG5, Metal Gear always sell playstations in a big way!

GameDev11209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

You are wrong and so is the author, infact the author is very wrong

You cant give priority to a title like Until Dawn over the likes of Call of Duty, Destiny, Batman, Star wars because those third party titles will and have helped sell more consoles for Sony (Batman helped Sony win NPD twice). Until D might be great in quality but it doesnt have the mass appeal of those games to help move consoles

Secondly, Sony have been advertising Until dawn well enough since its reveal, because the author hasnt been paying attention doesnt mean they havent

They showed in at PSX, gave it at least 2 mins at E3 2015 on stage in their show reel (But it was already playable on the show floor anyway)

There are TV ads running in the UK and Ireland, many trailers like the Road not taken, the choice one were brought up just this last two weeks

Again this article is gaming journalism with no clue

Hoffmann1209d ago

What the hell.

Sony even produced a really good live action trailer for the game

VsAssassin1209d ago

Exactly! What did the gaming media expect? A blimp with an Until Dawn banner on it?

Chevalier1209d ago

Then they would complain there aren't enough blimps and banners.

JMaine5181209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Only gripe I have with the plan for this game is that it should've released in July. Mid-Summer horror slasher. If they did in the fall it wouldn't sell well at all. I thought the marketing was good. You don't want to over market the game because these games aren't always received well. I felt they did just enough to get you excited, while showing you exactly what the game was.

jb2271208d ago

I'm of the opposite mind....horror fans like a good game for the Halloween season (or at least I know I do), and whereas we had Alien Isolation & The Evil Within during that time in years past, we have nothing that I know of coming up this year for that timeframe in that vein. It works out for me though, I've been having to cut back on expenditures so I plan on going media blackout for this game until Halloween and hopefully I can get a good deal on it then. Heck, it'd be smart of Sony to host their own sale & re market it as a 40 dollar title during Halloween & PGW so they can get a sales boost after the regular release.

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