Madden NFL 16 Review | Hardcore Gamer

Old Faithful may be the name of a beautiful cone geyser in Yellowstone National Park, but perhaps it’s time for that old geyser to bestow its name onto Madden. There has been thirty-odd Madden games since its inception in 1988 (facing the realization that most of Madden’s core fanbase wasn’t even born when the series first debuted is a depressing realization) and none have been bad (besides perhaps the handheld iterations, stop writing your angry comments). EA has done a fantastic job doing exactly what a yearly series like this needs: keeping the stats, visuals and gameplay current. Generally not a lot changes release from release, but enough that each new Madden is worth delving into for the virtual football faithful. This year’s outing, Madden NFL 16, further refines the experience and introduces a rousing new mode.

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