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Taylor at GameSpew writes "At the video game United Nations summit, a new ambassador has walked onto the platform. His name is Dungeon League, and he’s here to bring together the “dungeon crawlers” and the “party gamers”. No-one asked him to, but apparently he’s got a BTEC in International Relations and it’s too late to ask him to stop. Suffice to say, Dungeon League is here to stay.

There was once a time long ago when groups of people got together in the same room and spent the night roleplaying. No, not like that. I’m talking about the infinitely less sexy Dungeons and Dragons, or “tabletop RPG” as the genre is now more widely referred to as. The influence of Dungeons and Dragons has been seen to at least some extent in almost every fantasy RPG and adventure video game since. Sadly, although the RPG evolved immensely since those early days, the sheer thrill of playing a fantasy game in the same room as your friends was all but lost as single-player RPGs and MMOs saturated the market. Dungeon League aims to change this. Developed by Achebit (a.k.a. the one man developing machine Christopher Yabsley), Dungeon League is a fast-paced dungeon crawler designed to be enjoyed primarily as a local multi-player party experience."

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