Games coming to Xbox One In September

September has snuck up on us and has delivered its next shipment of games for us to consume.

Here is the list as it stands. (25/08/2015)

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fermcr1210d ago

Good games this month all around.

FlexLuger1210d ago

So glad I already paid for FM6 (digital delux edition) MGSV. I will also finally be taking the plunge into destiny with the taken king bundle, after silly amounts of peer pressure from my XBL buddies.

Mighty No.9 and lovers in a dangerous spacetime will be the only games I pay for on the day.

So much stuff, and Im still neck deep in neverwinter, smite, gears, FH2 and in the process of finishing the SP mode of FM5.

Mad max will have to wait till next month. Its all about gears and forza this month.And Ill probably start playing a bit of destiny with my friends, on XBL :)