Let's Play Velocity 2X on Xbox One

Neil writes "Sierra Games and FuturLab have kindly brought Velocity 2X to the Xbox One library. Fancy watching us play through the first ten levels?"

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oKidUKo1210d ago

I like that it's not all platforming and not all in the spaceship, that'll keep things fresh.

bouzebbal1210d ago

Here is a glimpse of how this game should be played.
I encourage everyone to buy and try it.

leahcim1210d ago

It´s an amazing gem just like the first one I am playing it on my vita and with headphones is one hell of a ride!

seriously you must play this game with headphones

FlexLuger1210d ago

Bought it over the weekend. Not sure when Im gonna play it with all , the games I have on my HDD. But I know I have a gooden on my hands with this one.

Lonnie181210d ago

I got this game for free as part of my ps plus membership, loved the music, enjoy :)

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