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Without a doubt, one of my fondest memories of owning a Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80s was discovering Mega Man 2. The premise was simple but brilliant; a good natured robot must battle and destroy eight evil Robot Masters in order to confront their sinister creator, Dr. Wily, using the signature weapons from each defeated Master to expose and exploit another’s weakness. It was as if Astroboy had been given a license to kill robots instead of befriending them, and had been programmed with a delicious sense of ironic justice. Mega Man 2 was also one of the most colourful NES games of its time, and the platforming/shooter gameplay itself was challenging but never so difficult that you could not eventually overcome its obstacles and bosses with practice or special items. The music for each stage was also phenomenal, collectively forming one of the catchiest and most memorable 8-bit soundtracks of all time—at least in my book. Not to mention how all the robots (even Mega Man himself) looked great when they exploded. All of these qualities earned the game a prized spot in my NES game collection.

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