This Is Cliff Bleszinski’s Upcoming Game, Teaser Trailer Revealed

Cliff Bleszinski, the creator of the Gears of War franchise, has been working on something new entirely for a while now, though no one has known exactly what that is- that may have changed today, as a new mini-website for Nexon, called The Shattering, has just gone live, and it may have given us our first glimpse at the game.

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Excalibur1209d ago

So a show nothing teaser for another teaser in a few days?
Whats the point?
BTW the fire looked fake because it was moving way too fast, fail.

esemce1209d ago

That's what fire + wind looks like, you should probably see more of the real world if you don't know that.

1209d ago
Excalibur1209d ago

If wind were moving through a fire that fast the sparks would be coming out at the beginning of the fast movement and not the end when it slows down, maybe YOU should see the real world more often. ;)

wsoutlaw871208d ago

Depends on the material. Not all fires are the same

Testfire1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Lol @ Excalibur, dude go camping or something. The fire looks amazing for a game. The sparks (embers) are not always constant in a fire. It has a lot to do with the fuel, wind and design of the fire. Also sometimes a knot will burst sending off embers. Educate yourself man, or just experience the real world once in a while, no offense meant.

Testfire1208d ago

To my above comment, now that I can watch the teaser at home instead of work, you can clearly hear the knot pop then the embers shoot out. It's very realistic.

XBLSkull1208d ago

Guy came up with Gears so this will probably pretty good, truth be told the setting looks a little to similar but way to early to judge.

guitarded771208d ago

Looks like an earthquake hit Seattle in the short clip.

Kingthrash3601208d ago

I haven't even seen the footage yet.. but fire?
Are we really complaining about fire now?
It's like you are the producer/director of the trailer. tho...I..i mean not in game...not during the game..not even a trailer...but still...we complaining about fire..smh stuff like this makes me miss the snes days...when people just enjoyed games. Instead of complaining about nothing.

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Jalva1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Edit: Wrong reply.

MysticStrummer1208d ago

"the fire looked fake because it was moving way too fast, fail."

So you've never seen fire I take it, or else your experience with it has been very minimal.

reallyNow1208d ago

lol that fire might as well have been from a video.

MysticStrummer1208d ago

Yeah I'm not even a fan of Cliffy but that fire looks pretty nice to me. Then again I've been camping many times and had a couple of fireplaces.

OhMyGandhi1208d ago

looks to me like they just layered the concept art in after affects, threw some smoke and fire, and called it a day.

cannon88001208d ago

If you guys look carefully, on the bottom left side of the screen, there is a piece of metal that looks like a crowbar. Half Life 3 confirmed /s

Visualift1208d ago

Imagine that... a videogame that isn't exactly like reality... oh wait...

JamesBroski1208d ago

I agree with the teaser, but the fire looks awesome. I think you're confusing water with fire.

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Exari1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

The game is called the shattering? Well, whatever that is I hope its coming to ps4..

cannon88001208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

@ Jalva

That map from your link looks like the shangri la map from unreal tournament 3.

Sashamaz1208d ago

Was it not said to be an FPS? Guessing that's just a video of one of the maps or something.

sovkhan1209d ago

Was that supposed to be a teaser???

Well i'm as teased as Mama Paloma on xmas day ;)

boing11209d ago

The Shattering sounds like something M.Night Shyamalan would do. It's a twist!

Grap1209d ago

Teaser of a trailer really?

wsoutlaw871208d ago

Well its a teaser of an announcement of a game. Almost every game is announced with a trailer. Its not really something new.

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