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Since the advent of the PS4 and Xbox One console generation, the Madden team has focused on righting some of the wrongs that naturally added up over the course of nearly thirty years of building games. This doesn’t translate into sexy headlines, but many of us that play it every year appreciate that. Madden has become a more focused and thoughtful offering, and Madden NFL 16 is the latest proof of that vision

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TeamLeaptrade1205d ago

Great review. I'm actually interested in picking this one up, especially with all of the changes. Sounds appealing.

Deadlead1205d ago

I'm still hesitant to pick this up. I've watched some streams and have been wholly underwhelmed. Almost identical presentation, almost identical game modes, negligible visual improvements, and literally the same commentary. But all these reviews keep coming in claiming the overhauled passing system is a this huge "game changer" I'm no conspiracy theorist, but this seems a bit fishy... I'm just gonna give it a rental I guess, and see for myself before I dish out another $65 bucks for new jump animations and a roster update.