Until Dawn combines the best of horror films and games on PS4 | The Verge

The best horror movie of the year might just be a video game. Though it’s available on the PlayStation 4, and you play it with a controller, Until Dawn is really as much a film as it is a game; borrowing from some of the biggest horror franchises around, like Saw to Evil Dead, it combines the tropes into a terrifying experience that’s both familiar and unique. But it’s that added layer of interactivity — the fact that you actually have some measure of control over the events — that makes Until Dawn something special. It’s a horror movie where you can actually tell those stupid teens what to do, in hopes that they’ll actually survive the night.

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Tacobell3231212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

The best of horror films? the genre is littered with copycats as it is and cliches. And i would say that you would get more genuine scares from alien isolation.

LifeInNZ1211d ago

Hmm....maybe. But Ash vs Evil Dead (series) is looking fantastic!

DeadlyOreo1211d ago


Have you played it? I'm intrigued.

MysticStrummer1211d ago

The article says Until Dawn might be the best horror film this year, so you dispute that by bringing up a game from nearly a year ago.

That's strange on at least two levels.

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